Background and History:

Hawai‘i Maoli was established by members of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (AHCC) in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Members of the Hawai‘i Maoli Board of Directors are also members of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.

Today, Hawai‘i Maoli also supports the purposes and objectives of individual community-based Hawaiian Civic Clubs and their regional island councils including the mainland council. Since 2017, Hawai‘i Maoli has expanded their collective impact network to include throughout Hawaii, the mainland and internationally partnerships with public, private, non-profit and philanthropic organizations.

Examples of collective impact include support with grant writing, cultural-based community events and festivals, fiscal sponsorships, shared project-management and operations, evaluation and assessments, final reports for federal, state, city and non-profit grant/joint program awards and direct services to many communities funded through grants, donations, and as requested by Hawaiian Service Institutions and Agencies.

Hawai‘i Maoli also hosts an annual fund development banquet. As requested by community-based organizations, education institutions, and private sector companies, Hawaii Maoli is coordinating Hawaiian cultural resources place-based education into public P-12 schools and Hawaiian-focused Public Charter Schools, higher education institutions, and lifelong learning community-based education groups.

Because of these changing times, Hawai‘i Maoli is targeting expansion into workforce initiatives, social enterprises, entrepreneurship capacity building of Hawaiian owned businesses and agri-business ‘ohana enterprises from farm to table, farm to schools, and farm to corporate industries to build capacities of Hawaii-owned business that build cultural, total well-being, capital and philanthropic wealth.

Hawai‘i Maoli Goals:

It is the mission of Hawai‘i Maoli to promote the social and economic self-sufficiency of Kanaka Maoli communities, the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs and individual Hawaiian Civic Clubs, in a manner that reinforces our cultural foundation. In addition, we strive:

  • To provide for the education of Hawaiian citizens and those of Hawaiian ancestry;
  • To preserve and cherish all sources and records of Hawaiian traditions, customs, language and historic sites;
  • To engage in economic development programs which benefit the social, health, and moral welfare of Hawaiian communities;
  • To assist the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs in the furtherance of its goals and objectives.
  • Today, Hawai‘i Maoli seeks and attains funding for grants and contracts to:
  • Identify potential individuals and organization whose services may be called upon to assist in the implementation of projects;
  • Support the preparation of grant proposals by teaching, writing, and assisting clubs and councils.