E Ho‘owaiwai I Ka Pono


Project “E Ho`owaiwai I Ka Pono” (Bring Prosperity through Righteousness) is a Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS) Project based on a resolution adopted by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, in consultation with, Native Hawaiian business leaders, community leaders, educators and Native Hawaiian cultural and language experts. The project has two principle objectives:

-Encourage and increase the number of Native Hawaiians who engage in business ventures, especially entrepreneurship activities and to assist current businesses and entrepreneurs to improve and increase their operations.

-Encourage and increase the use of fundamental and basic Native Hawaiian cultural practices and values among Native Hawaiians engaged in business ventures and entrepreneurship activities.

For this project, we have been able to leverage our available resources by working with the

Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce
Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association
Chaminade University of Honolulu
University of Hawai`i at Manoa School of Travel Industry Management
Alu Like, Inc.
Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs

and several individuals to strengthen this project.